Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a great day today, I had an conflict with my aunt before I headed out to school, when I reach school and took back one Common test paper and if I am not wrong from my assumption, I am the only one that failed the paper among my friends...How great life is don't you think? To add on further, my granduncle pass away yesterday morning...Rest in peace old man.

Just felt like blogging after thousand and thousand of years since my previous blog post.

When life sucks, simply suck it up.

10:26 PM

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ok...To sum it all up.Today which is 6 of july 2010.

I lost my laptop which cost me around 1.7k.
It was during 6.45pm~7.30pm.Now I need to count my saving as it might cost me 1.2k to replace a new laptop or it will be $500 dollar
(Insurance did not state clearly whether the fee to replace is $500 or deduct $500 from the orginal price.)

Just made a police report 2hours ago, well I went home, and I told my aunt. Of course I was scolded and reprimanded and I accepted the scolding. But I really find it too much. My mom,ok to start off with,I understand she is mad at me for losing something AGAIN. But why do she have to scold me for other stuff when we are talking about my laptop...She can talk to me about my size and how fitting whenever I wear my clothes.DOES THAT EVEN LINK?

Now ok fine. I am really happy my mother is going to help me to call up the insurance for my laptop to check it up but due to that she is also frustrated.But still she doest not need to make me feel worse.If by making me feel worse,will it help me to retrieve my laptop back?or will it help me to be more careful next time?NO OF COURSE NOT!

I really do not know what kind of mother do I have.Now I am really guilty(due to the fact I lost my laptop) and really disappointed with my mother.

9:18 AM

Friday, June 18, 2010

What the hell is wrong with my life?Somehow I feel so insecure right now.
I do not know who to trust or what to do.Hahaha felt like a joke.
Wonder if my polymates will see this and realise that derrick is actually a fellas that emo like fuck rofl.

Anyway somehow I believe that it is safer for me not to trust anyone.Got some bad memories of trusting too much on a person.It was like a dream when we best buddies and it burst like bubbles as soon as I seen the real him.Somehow it just felt good when I did a prank on him,making him feel so fuck up hahah.But again,it made me felt stupid.It like what the point right?I do not get any good stuff in return.Well anyway just plan to ignore him.

Change my ass...I aint gonna believe you ever.You provided me with the best service for heartbroken memories.
Oh I just remember,you wont even care.Fuck out off my life dude.

Shit,now I have to worry about my IS assignment....totally hate my teacher.Not really much of a helpful teacher.She is way too...proud.Yes I gotta admit she is a professional though.

Now I am just doing nothing grabbing hold of my pillow hugging it and rot.
It is like I have lost control of my life.

Oh yeah...went shisha with my secondary friends last night.Talk about the past hahah.It felt so good and relaxing.Oh speaking of which,I went bowling with 2 of my poly classmates.Glad I was never the last though but sadly never the first too lol.

Well that all for my post.It was meant for me to vent my stress anyway lol.

9:28 AM

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am about to die from IT....Java HTML..FML!

8:48 PM

Monday, April 26, 2010

Once again,heart fall into despair...
I totally lose my hope...Just wanna do well get a good future and leave this hellhole as soon as possible...Though it brought me warmth and closeness with my family members.
Now I just felt nothing...only can hear noises that is unpleasant.How I wish I was never born....Though my life is so much better than many others.
But I guess I am just lack of family warmth...

7:47 AM

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The most fuck up day ever definitely suit me right now..
Lost my hand phone AGAINx5!
Was already stress with my poly...all those presentation..assignments

Now because of losing, I need to save up money again to get a new hp..or use an old one to wait until my contract end.
Which freaking means I need to get a job to earn more money....

Fucking wish to escape reality right now...

8:28 AM

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Currently at np classroom...updating my laptop.
Spoiler is I cant do anything right now as I dunno my freaking weird ID and pass...
F up bored right now zzz...

10:44 PM